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Artist Statement

I constantly strive to invent and reinvent myself through my work. I research how paint reacts to different materials. I play with color, texture and form and apply many layers of paint and other mediums to the canvas.  The subject matter determines the materials and the forms I utilize. I paint everything from hats to shoes to jackets, shirts, handbags and even human form. My paintings are the result of my passions and life experiences.


I am never sure what to expect from the painting of any work of art. Sometimes I finish a painting in one session and sometimes it takes months. My works represent energy, emotions, beliefs and convictions and I hope to convey to the audience.


Usually my first layer of paint represents my inner feelings and last layers represent the world around me. I project both positive and negative feelings through my paintings which reflect my mood, my questions about life and my evolution. If my work evokes emotion from the viewer, I feel I have accomplished my goal.

My latest paintings communicate the future vision of my art. Every painting represents my feelings at a certain moment. These are expressions of joy, sorrow, empathy, and pity that I experienced at a certain moment and transmitted onto canvas with a fantasy of colors.


I might contemplate the painting for a very long time before beginning, and according to my emotions at a moment that I paint, and create different colors and tones.  Although my paintings represent my feeling in an exact moment, they are influenced by the ageless words of sages. 


These painting are mixed media with several overlapping layers of paint, and also with layers of colors solidified on non-adhesive surfaces which I peel off and glue back onto the canvas, creating a painting with three dimensions.


I am a human, feeling and creating. I see everything in an array of abstract colors and this creates the impression which becomes my fantasy.


Friends of the Gallery

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